Special Stretchers

Stretchers tools tailor made, to satisfy every drilling need

Our solution

The quality of the UFP special stretchers makes them easy to use and perfect for the processing of any surface; From steel to ceramic, from wood to iron.

Our selected range includes a series of tools to expand holes with specific characteristics, capable of responding to every need


  • Cylindrical and step stretchers
  • Machine stretchers
  • hard metal and covered stretchers
  • brazed stretchers
  • stretchers with internal lubrication holes

Discover all the shapes of our special stretchers

Cylindrical Stretchers

UFP's cylindrical stretchers are high-performance tools with a cylindrical codol, designed to process holes of all types of material optimally. These stretchers are ideal for a wide range of applications, offering precise and uniform machining. Their superior construction ensures optimal performance, contributing to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your operations.

Step Stretchers

UFP's step stretchers are the latest generation tools, designed to ensure a quick and precise drilling experience. These stretchers are ideal for applications that require precise size holes, offering fast and accurate machining. Their cutting-edge design and high-quality construction make them an ideal choice for this specialised application, contributing to the overall quality and performance of your operations.

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