About Us

A company formed firstly by people


Since 1987, we have been specialists in the design and manufacture of cutting tools. Through our 30 years of experience in the sector we have given the best for our customers, creating strong and lasting bonds with them. This has allowed us to expand and, to date, hope through 4 production sites between Europe and America.


With a production capacity that satisfies more than 19,000 orders a year and over a thousand customers all over the world, our mission is to accompany our partners in the development of cutting-edge solutions, through advanced technologies and materials of the highest quality .


Thanks to a deep experience and high efficiency of the technical and commercial departments acquired over time, we are able to satisfy customized requests, designed for both large and small volumes. Furthermore, all our customers enjoy a precise and punctual after-sales assistance service, which includes regrinding and coating, even express within 24 hours.

To order or receive information about our products, contact us immediately.